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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts receives revenues from the Master Settlement Agreement between the state and the tobacco industry to recover health care costs for tobacco relates illnesses. Statute requires that a portion of tobacco settlement proceeds be transferred to the State Retiree Benefits Trust Fund (SRBTF) to fund the Commonwealth’s liability for retiree health care. In accordance with state law, the Comptroller certifies the receipt of the deposit from tobacco companies in a Tobacco Settlement Certification.


Transparency and Reporting Updates

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News Releases February 20, 2024

Comptroller files Fiscal Year 2023 Statutory Basis Financial Report

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The text "Advisory Board to the Comptroller / Meeting Notification" and the Seal of the Office of the Comptroller
Advisory Board to the Comptroller February 9, 2024

Meeting Notification: Meeting of the Advisory Board to the Comptroller – February 15, 2024 at 3:00pm

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Transparency and Reporting February 8, 2024

Fiscal Year Memo 2024-15: Office of the Comptroller’s Fiscal Year 2024 Single Audit Chargeback

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